ED Renovation Project

About the Project

Work is in progress on an $11 million renovation of the Emergency Department (ED). The project will revamp 9,500 square feet of space and add 2,400 new square feet of space. The addition means the ED moves from 14 treatment rooms to 20. The new design will also increase capacity and comfort for patients experiencing mental health issues, offering four dedicated rooms for those community members whereas the current ED space only has one such room. Additionally, the new space will have greater capacity to provide negative pressure to help provide greater infection control measures in the ED.

Phases of Construction

Renovation of temporary space:

September – December 2022
Shuttered inpatient unit will be used as temporary ED and must be prepared to accommodate emergency care.

Emergency Department moves:

Early 2023
Relocation of emergency services will take place on a single day in early January, in the early morning hours with overlapping shifts providing doubled staff.

Renovation of current ED:

January 2023 – September 2023
The current department will be over-hauled to provide a new layout with two parallel hallways and a centralized staff space between the halls. The new floorplan includes separate and dedicated space for patients experiencing mental health issues and brings registration and security into the secure area of the department.

What You Need to Know with the Temporary ED

  • The new, temporary ED entrance will be near the ambulance bays.
  • Registration and triage process will remain the same.
  • Parking will be altered only slightly and will be close to the temporary ED.
  • There will be a waiting room available for patients and visitors
  • The temporary ED is a slightly smaller footprint, but will provide better privacy and quiet than the old Emergency space.
  • Ambulance drop-off will be in a different location and EMS crews are aware of changes

Improvements in the New Emergency Department

Learn about the new Emergency Department and the improvements it brings to the patient care space. The new ED will be larger, offering greater privacy, safety, and quiet, a more efficient design, and a dedicated therapeutic space for treatment of mental health issues.

A Phased Approach for Exceptional Care

Moving a busy operation that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week requires careful planning, months of preparation and a phased approach. Hear from staff and project planners how the phases unfold and what the public needs to know about accessing care during construction.

Excitement for an Improved Space

Caption: Hear from NMC’s Director of Facilities, ED Medical Director and the ED Director and others about how exciting this project is for staff, and for the community.

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